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I will sing of mercy and justice; To You, O Lord, I will sing praises. Psm. [101:1]
Well, here is a little about me, myself and I, not that I enjoy talking about myself (lol). Being as this is a music website, I shall try to keep this bio short. Go Figure! 1960: At the ripe age of 11, my folks decided to give me piano lessons. I suppose it was because I had started plunking around on dad's ole Gibson 'Tenor Guitar' (there's one for the books). Anyways, I took 3 years of classical piano lessons and actually was pretty good at it. However, I had progressed as far as the teacher could take me. Our last day together she gave me a new music book to work on until I got a new teacher. She gave me a quick review of how the songs went and then we parted our ways. Interesting enough, the music book was called 'Boogie Woogie'. I loved it! I never followed up with another teacher. By fourteen other things had gotten my attention; mainly cars. I had a car before I could legally drive (age 15). So music took it's place on the back seat and into AM Radio in the front. Remember the little transistor Radio's with the 9 volt battery; you would set it up on your dashboard to be able to get reception, lol. Yeah those were hot stuff back then. Although I rarely played anymore, I still surrounded myself with as much music as I could.

High School 64/68:

New Keyboard/Battle of the Bands.
Some High School friends decided that they wanted to start a band. They knew that I use to play keyboards so, I was asked if I would like to join them. Oh why not! I borrowed a portable keyboard from someone, and the basement band was created. 'The Virgin Autumn' was our band name; fitting for the time I suppose. I had an after-school paper-route job so later on, I was able to buy my own keyboard; with the help of a loan from the local bank, and Dad as cosigner. Being as there were no places local to purchase a portable keyboard, I went to Falls Church, VA. to a place called 'Giant Music'. They had just about any musical instrument one could want. That's where I found my 'Gibson Keyboard'. It had all the bells and whistles of the hour and a price tag to match. A whopping $995 dollars was the price for the instrument; in 1967. Shoot! It cost more than the car I was driving. I walked out a happy musician that day. Actually, I still have it here in the 'Studio' and use it upon occasion. Great 60's sound! As a band we got pretty good and played a few gigs here and there. In 67', we took second place at our High School 'Battle of the Bands' contest. I graduated school in 68' and later on [69/70] as bands do, we dissolved.

Once again music took the back burner. Played with some friends once in a while (jam sessions we called them) and even got in with another band but short lived. Finally, I just totally gave up trying to play any serious music with anyone else but, always listening for selective sounds. After trying my hand at song-writing, late 70's, I realized that I could actually write a song (first writing 77'). This really interested me but I soon found out how much work was actually involve. There was about as much work writing a song as there was learning someone else song. My question was to myself 'why waste the time learning a song you didn't write'? So I wrote 6 songs (77/78). Little did I know that it would be 15 years before I would take up the pen again to write.

Winter of 91/92:

When I gave my life to Jesus Christ, that Winter, my whole world/life turned around, for the better. The Lord brought me back to the place where I had left off. Song-writing! Ya see, I had been plunking around over the years on the guitar and had learned how to play a bit. While at my mother-in-laws home one day, I picked up this old Spanish style acoustic guitar, she had lying around, tuned it, and started strumming it. She said that I could take it home [I only had an electric & amp at that time] as long as I played it. In September of 92' I wrote my first song to the Lord. Go figure! Even up to now I mostly write the songs The Lord gives me, with the guitar. The next 28 years has brought me to this place and time.
So, from 1/1/93 I wrote 11 songs thru mid May 93'. I figured I needed to learn something so, I bought this cheesy recording program and started to learn something about recording. I turned my bedroom into a music room, with a little bit of space to sleep. Mostly I did silent recordings. By 2003, I now had a much better program plus a desktop (studio) computer; as I called it. A friend of mine let me use a room off the end of his mechanics work shop for my first so called 'Music Studio'. That lasted for about 2/3 years and then I had to move out. During that time however, I continued to record the original music I had been writing. It was a lot of work, being as I could only record one track at a time, then mix them together. Thank God for multi-track recording; which I have now! I had also learned how to play bass guitar. Now being able to play three instruments, I had become a so-called one man Everything in music, basically came to a screeching stop; after moving out of the studio, until 2012 when the wife and I bought our first house. Oh yes, it had to have room for me to build 'Studio V' [five for grace]; and it did.

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“The Lord Bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.”

Rev. Don Carpenter
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