Rough Cutt
The name 'Rough Cutt' came to mind, while contemplating the name for the type of music I would be producing. After some 60+ years of listening to various types of musical recordings, whether live or studio plus going to many concerts, I like listing to live performances the best. Even with the capability of recording and producing my own personal music, in my home studio, I prefer the live sound.
Now, when I say live, I am not talking about over dubbing sound tracks until they are to perfection. Although there will be times of using the sound booth for vocals, with the exception of a total live studio production, I will leave in small imperfections. Why, you might say? The purpose is for what I call 'REAL MUSIC'. Look, anyone can go into a studio and pay hundreds and thousands of dollars, for one perfect song or album etc. But, is it real? Is the song/music actually real? Of course not! It is just a cookie cutter type of sound that the 'Music Industry' says you have to produced. That's a bunch of Jive! Now don't get me wrong. I do like studio production music. It is great to listen to the pretty songs and their perfected state of their recordings but, it does not move me like the real thing.
To me, music is about realness and about self-expression! Not perfection! Imperfection in music, makes the music sound alive and authentic. So, if you are a 'Soloist' or have a 'Band', you go out and perform 'Live'. The only perfection you have going for you is the hours and years you've spent in honing your craft; and I applaud you for it. However, you can't back up and fix a note or dub any song selection during a live performance, period! In other words, What you Hear is, What you Get. Raw Music; 'Real Music'!
After contemplating a name, for my first EP, I decided to name it 'Rough Cutt'-Vol 1. Actually, Rough Cutt is and will be the name for the group of musicians, vocalist and back-up vocalist during any recording session. However, there may be songs that I totally compose by myself but, may not do the vocals.
The Rough Cutt albums, will be mostly recorded live and raw. What you hear is what you get! Being as many of us can not get together at the same time, there may be different raw recordings added and mixed alternately, but still in their original state. An example of this would be 'Wash My Feet Lord'. This song covers about a two year period of time, and actually written in 2004. I also made my first video using this song and posted it (2018) to YouTube; and the Savannah Branch Music's web site in 2021.
Video 2
'Wash My Feet Lord'.

OK! So now you know what Rough Cutt-Vol 1, or any Rough Cutt album, is all about. Take note: the lyrics in any song should be the prominent focus to any song.
Enjoy the sound of Real Music! God Bless.

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Shout joyfully to the Lord, all the earth; break forth in song, rejoice, and sing praises. (Psm. 98:4)

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