Amy Fewell


These are currently the two songwriters (Linda & Amy) that I have been working with. Either one of them, at any give time, has the ability to branch out into other genres of music. From Country to Blues, Folk to Contemporary and on, these two gals have got it going on! However, each ones main focus is centered on Christ Jesus. The Praise & Worship, Contemporary or Country music they sing and write, have such meaning, joyfullness and an Anointing, that you will be totally mesmerized by it. Also their everyday songs about life's experiences in love and heartbreak, friends, family and their everyday walk are all moving moments. All for the Glory of God. The talent that God has given each of them is totally amazing.


Click on each of the names, under each image, and you will be taken to each one's bio page. There you will find more interesting information on the songwriters themselves. Enjoy!

Whoever offers praise glorifies Me; and to him who orders his conduct aright I will show the salvation of G-d. (Psm. 50:23)