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The EP
These songs, on this EP, will be the full length versions of the sample songs. Enjoy! Keep an eye open. Make it
Stay in touch for our release date!

*** Rough Cutt-Vol 1 ***

There are 7 songs on this EP. Four are from my original 'Lost Audio Files' folder. Songs I had at least burned to disk before my computer crash in 2005, at the studio I had in Sumerduck, VA. Two re-records and one newer song. While I had the studio in Sumerduck, I tried as often as I could to get down there. Working a full time 40+hr job and being Worship Leader at church, that only left a few Saturdays a month open. Unfortunately these 4 song files, along with others, were totally lost due to that computer crash. Even after taking the hard-drive to a professional, he was unable to retrieve the files. It was a very hard lesson to learn in improper sound file saving. Sometimes, being self-taught, can and will have consequences. But, what the hay! That's how we learn sometimes! Thank God that I had burned some of these mixed down files to CD. These songs were for the purpose of reviewing, referencing and preparation for their final recordings. Other than myself, there were two other songwriters involved, other musicians and vocalist. These songs were written by myself, and of course The Holy Spirit. Our daughter Amy does vocals in 4 of the 7 songs and a little [Gibson] keyboard. She also has written many songs herself. Our other daughter Carina, also writes, sings and plays. Both very talented they are and when they do a duet, they sound like two angels; it will melt your heart and put tears in the eyes. .

*** SAMPLES ***
Mp3- I Thank You Lord / 01:36 - 1.46mb
Mp3- Oh God / 01:10 - 1.07mb
Mp3-Remember Mercy / 00:52 - 817kb
Mp3- Wash My Feet Lord / 00:54 - 849kb

The singers went before, the players on instruments followed after; among them were the maidens playing timbrels. (Psm. 68:25)

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